Covid-19 Update: Safety is our number one priority at Swimland, click here to see what procedures and policies we have put in place to keep our families and staff safe.

Covid FAQs

Our Covid Edition Frequently Asked Questions cover most questions parents may have about how Covid-19 will affect your swimming lessons as well as the precautions that Swimland is taking to ensure everyones ongoing safety.

Click on the following resources for information

RIVERBEND - Health & Safety Handbook  /  Reopening Video

CASTLE DOWNS / WHITEMUD CROSSING - Health & Safety Handbook  /  Reopening Video 

GLENMORE  - Health & Safety Handbook  /  Reopening Video 

  • What steps will Swimland take to keep my family safe?

    Our learn-to-swim classes will be re-introduced on a gradual and measured basis with protocols in place that meet or exceed the Alberta Health guidelines. We will adopt a four phased approach to reopening. 

    In our first two phases you will see:
    -    Maximum of one parent per family 
    -    Reduced pool capacity
    -    Smaller class sizes (max 4:1) 
    -    One-way traffic flow with minimal touch points
    -    Daily screening of staff
    -    Extensive facility sanitization practices

  • When will my location be open?*

    Riverbend location will reopen Monday July 6
    Castle Downs location will open Tuesday August 4th​​​​​​​Whitemud Crossing location will be annouced shortly
    Glenmore location will reopen once we have received confirmation from the JCC. We expect that answer shortly.
    *Note dates may change at short notice in the interest of safety to our customers and staff.

  • What are my options if my circumstances do not allow me to return upon my location reopening? 

    We understand COVID has affected everyone in different ways and as a result we have options for you.
    1.    Swimland offers unlimited makeup lessons for pre-marked absences. They roll over from season to season and do not expire. Simply mark yourself absent (via your parent portal) until you can return and utilize our unlimited make up policy. This option allows you to retain your place in the program.
    2.    For longer absences where you may wish to remove yourself from the program temporarily.
      -    We will remove you from your current class
      -    Any credit on your file will be applied in full upon your return
      -    We will put you on a waitlist for when you are ready to return
      -    All previously accrued absences will be eligible for makeups when you return.

  • What tips do you have to make the experience easier for parents?

    - Only one parent/spectator is allowed due to capacity restrictions
    - We ask that swimmers come swim ready
     • Bathing suit on
     • Been to washroom prior to leaving home
    - We are recommending flip flops for both parent and swimmer to make one-way traffic flow easier as you will be exiting off pool deck
    - If between now and then anyone is not feeling well, please stay home, mark absent on your parent portal

  • Will there be extra make ups for increased absences?

    During the initial stage of our reopening make ups may not be possible given the restrictions around cohorts.  As this restriction is eased and we begin Stage 3, we will be scheduling extra Make Up days. We will have extra Make Up’s available to accommodate the potential increase in absences. 

  • How will Swimland handle physical distancing requirements in the water?

     Alberta Health ‘Swimming Pool Guidelines’ states:
    “For structured activities (e.g.  swim classes) where physical distancing of participating would be difficult (e.g. instruction), create cohort groups. Members of the cohort group should still minimize contact where possible.”
    Swimland will consider each 30-minute swim class a ‘cohort group’. In addition to reducing class ratios, class curriculum has been altered to minimize contact and facilitate distancing protocols where safely possible.

  • Are face masks mandatory?

    Alberta Health Guidelines* state:
    - Masks should not be worn in the water by swimmers, as they present a safety risk.
    - Masks by teaching staff is only encouraged for prolonged close interactions with children.
    - Masks may be worn by patrons on the deck or other areas of the facility.
    *‘Guidance for Swimming Pools and Whirlpools’ and ‘Guidance for day care/out of school care’

  • What is the process if a staff member or customer is confirmed as having COVID?

    In the situation we are notified of a staff member or a customer being confirmed as having COVID, Swimland would immediately develop a list of those who have been in ‘close contact’ meeting the criteria above and notify them and require them to isolate for 14 days or until they had returned a negative test result.

    Alberta Health Services (AHS) defines a ‘close contact’ as a person who
    - Had close physical contact with the person without consistent and appropriate use of personal protective equipment or
    - Had close prolonged contact (within two metres) with the person while they were infectious or
    - Had direct contact with infectious bodily fluids of the person (e.g. was coughed or sneezed on) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines* a contact as anyone with exposure to COVID
    - From 2 days before to 14 days after the case’s onset of illness
    - Who was within 1 metre of a COVID case for greater than 15 minutes
    - And / or in direct physical contact with a COVID case

  • Can my child catch Covid-19 from the pool water?

    The CDC  has indicated that conventional water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection, such as those in most municipal drinking water systems, should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. We are confident, given our water treatment systems are world class, your family are safe.

  • Will we have access to changing facilities?

    Limited access will be available, we encourage swimmers to come swim ready (dressed in swimsuit and having been to the washroom). This will help to speed up traffic flow through to the pool and minimise touch points. Washrooms will be available for ‘emergencies’ upon request.
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